Reflections on a month of progress - May 2019

Reflections on a Month of Progress
Greg van Wyk CEO

It is not an exaggeration to say that on the news front May was a massive month for Noxopharm. We announced interim data from the first part of our DARRT-1 trial, we announced that DARRT-1 is fully enrolled, we announced that interim results have been published for the first part of the LuPIN study and we announced that we plan to expand the LuPIN study with another 24 patients. Not bad for a company that listed less than three years ago!

Collectively these announcements detailed the following findings:
• Veyonda appears to be adding incremental anti-cancer effect:
o In two separate trials
o In combination with two different types of radiation (external beam and i.v. radionuclide)
o In two groups of men with late-to-end stage prostate cancer
o With two different dosing schedules (1 x 15-day course vs up to 6 x 10-day courses every 42 days)
o That is durable
• Veyonda continues to be well tolerated:
o Even in men with late-to-end stage prostate cancer
o Whether dosed once (15 days) or up to six times (10 days every 42 days)
o Regardless of combination radiotherapy (external beam or i.v. radionuclide)
• There is more to come from these studies:
o Having completed enrolment for DARRT-1, the clock has started ticking down to topline ASX announcements in August and November and a conference presentation in H1 2020.
o Data is accruing on an additional 16 patients already enrolled into LuPIN and LuPIN is being expanded by a further 24 patients. The final dataset of 56 patients followed up for over 12 months will represent a veritable treasure trove of information with which to inform our late-phase development of Veyonda + 177Lu-PSMA
• We are hitting our stride in executing our R&D program

When taken together these announcements speak to the progress we have made and are making towards our number one strategic objective, which is to Establish Veyonda® as an essential adjunct to radiotherapy (multiple forms) in the treatment of prostate cancer (at multiple stages of disease).
In the background we have also quietly been making progress in protecting our significant intellectual property as our five families of patents continued to enter various national phases around the world, which based on the International Examiner’s Report issued by the US Patent Office, gives us confidence of being able to achieve patent grants around key claims in key markets.
Thank you to our partners, trial participants and shareholders for helping us to make May a month of progress.